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Yoga for Brain Injury Healing
& Preventative Care

Our brains are the most complex organ in our bodies and well probably the Universe. It has approximately 100 billon neurons and provides our memories, thoughts, actions, and feelings. It is delicate and beautiful, and we need to take extra special care of it.

Being someone who has dealt with the effects from a brain injury and concussion symptoms, I have a real understanding of just how fragile this little intricate jelly organ is. Yoga and Mindfulness was a main tool that helped me deal with post-concussion syndrome and continues to do so today.

Having such a strong understanding and passion for the health of our brains, it only felt natural for me to continue my education on this topic and go on to complete my Love Your Brain Yoga Certification. 

Throughout the month of March, I’ll be posting on social media mindful practices, facts of the brain, (including effects of TBI and concussions), tips to improve brain function, resources + groups in the community you can reach out to. Whether you have suffered a TBI and/or concussion yourself, are a caregiver or loved one, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook during Mindful March. 

Stay tuned for updates for a special offering to a donation-based yoga class and screening of “The Crash Reel” to raise funds for Love Your Brain and bring awareness to the effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Contact me for team, group and/or individual programs aimed towards healing and preventative care for the TBI community.

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