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Workshops, Series, Special Events & More

Breathe + Be Well

We have some great workshops and series lined-up that are open for registration!

We will always continue to add more.  If there is something you would like to see, let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your request

***Workshops, Series, Special Events and Retreats are not part of the monthly memberships and/or passes - if you hold one of our active monthly auto-renew memberships, you will receive 10% off these services***


Winter Solstice

Restorative Yoga, Sound + Aromatherapy

with Jessica Darmanin 

Sunday, December 17th ~ 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

You are invited to celebrate your inner-light as we honour the extraordinary nature that is lightness and darkness. Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year, with the least amount of light in our day and offers the most time in the magic of darkness, until we return to more time with light. This journey is an invitation to promote the healing balance that is both light and dark, within us, and around us, without craving or avoiding what is or what will be. Join us, for this seasonal transition in order to notice, prepare, ground, receive, and transmit our collective energies and awareness in loving community.


This experience will include a Restorative Yoga and Meditation practice to invite the energy channels of your being to open in order to promote balance and ease. Yoga bolsters and blocks will be provided. You are invited to dress comfortably and encouraged to bring pillows, blankets, an eye mask, and any other tools that will support your healing journey.


The use of sound will include singing, ukulele, a crystal tones singing bowl, tuning forks, light percussion, and mantra. The way we move and sound our bodies coupled with the stillness of the practice we will encourage the way we see and explore the superpowers of the body, mind, and spirit.


The use of essential oils, sage, and cedar medicines will be incorporated in this experience to assist with clearing old, stagnant energies and invite new and vibrant tones as we notice the harmony that exists within the light and dark.


Please connect with us if you have any questions. Space is limited to 12 spots. Signing up for this event will reserve your place. Come with yourself or bring a neighbour, friend, or members of your family. We look forward to supporting your hearts and souls at this magical time.

Cave - 3.PNG

 Restorative Yoga + Meditation

with Carly Smith

Classes are held once a month

Next Session - Dec. 17th

Holistic Salt Therapy + Cave, Uxbridge

Not only will you receive all the wonderful benefits of restorative yoga + meditation, you will also receive the most amazing physical and mental benefits of the Holistic Salt Therapy and Cave.

Salt Caves have many healing properties and energies. The negative ions that are present in the room help to naturally draw out toxins and bacteria’s from our body. It can help to alleviate many different ailments such as reducing inflammation, clearing our airways and helping to eliminate bacteria in our sinuses and lungs. It can also help to lower stress, regulate our nervous system and so much more. I’ve said it plenty before, but I’ll continue to say it again and again, as it is definitely one of my favourites - it gives you break from the external world and all the stimuli that comes along with it.

Registration is per class. Space is LIMITED.


Sound Bath

with Catherine Lavender 


Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

With Intention and Love, immerse yourself in Beautiful Healing Sounds for Body, Mind and Spirit with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, encouraging calming, steadying and a grounding affect along with inner harmony relieving tension while aligning the chakras.  With you, the sound and vibration of the bowls will support clearing of blockages and works with the core quality of love. 


DryLand Flow - Indoor SUP Yoga

(5 Week Series)

with Carly Smith

January 9th to February 6th 

 Tuesday's from 6pm to 7pm

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

Join us in this fun and invigorating 5-week series, no water necessary!


Keep your SUP Yoga practice going with our indoor balance boards. Even if you never plan to join us on the water this is a great class to work on those tiny stabilizer muscles that don't generally get used in everyday life, and to build up balance, strength, focus + confidence.


Indoor SUP Yoga 5-Week Series:


Get to Know your Board, The Basics:
In the first week of DryLand Flow, it is important we get to know the board.  We will be going through basics on how to get on and off the board, use of paddle, water safety, etc. We will be doi
ng some basic seated and reclining postures, so that we can begin to feel the difference between engagement and non-engagement. As well as how to use your breath to help maintain balance and focus through the 5 week course.


Slow & Steady:
Now that we've learned a little more about the use of your muscles and breath, it's time we start to play with some balance & create a deeper focus.  Moving at a slow and steady pace, we will practice some standing asanas which require full attention & mindfulness.  You will leave this class feeling inspired.


Ready, Set, Flow:
Combining everything we learned in the first two weeks, we are ready to take flow. We will start with a 5 minute mindfulness meditation & breath work, to help ground a
nd focus our minds before taking the practice into a full vinyasa sequence. Class will finish with a relaxation period, leaving you energized and balanced.


Take it up a Notch:
It's time to take this practice to a whole new level.  Cushions will be incorporated into this class to raise the boards to higher heights, making your ground a little less stable. Class will include all the techniques we've learned in the first 3 weeks to assist you on your journey of deepening your balance and focus. 


Free Flow:
In this class, we will play with everything we've learned and move at your own pace, focusing on anything that your body and mind still require. Cushions are optional in this class. This class is meant to assist you on leaving this 5 week course feeling strong & open to many new possibilities. 


Most of all, lets have fun!!


Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle 

with Naty Howard

Friday, January 26th ~ 7pm to 9pm

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

Shamanic Healing Circles Accompany You On Your Journey To Wholeness, Enabling You To Reclaim Yourself, So You Will Once Again Know Who You Are.

They will support you to move beyond the portal of what is keeping you stuck so you can claim a deeper connection within.


Through a Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle you will:

Activate your healing and vitality
Experience a sense of grounding and feeling held
Gain access to answers you didn't have before
Develop strength for healthier boundaries
Awaken the sacred in you
Align with your personal alchemy

Shamanic Healing Circles are a Yoga Spirit Medicine practice.

They are a 2hr workshop that include: flow practice, breath work, meditation, kriya, toning, mantra, ritual, shamanic journey and a group energy healing, anchored into the sacred space of our lodge by the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Shamanic Altar.

Semicircle of Crystals

Happy New You 

with Catherine Lavender

Sunday, February 4th ~ 1pm to 4pm

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

Give yourself permission to put yourself first. It’s the most unselfish thing you can do.

The more we awaken to our inner love, the greater our ability to nurture our relationships, especially the relationship we have with ourselves.


This new year event brings mindfulness, acceptance and compassion to the challenges that arise in your life.

Together we will explore and discover your Sankalpa (kind of like a new year’s resolution, but so much better)

Awaken your naturally wise heart. Renewed Balance, Strength, Clarity, Rest and Relaxation.

You will be pampered as you receive an Energy Infused afternoon.

See full details under registration.

Walking to Yoga class

Community Yoga Class 

Donation Based Classes held once a month

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

Come join us and do something wonderful for the Community and Yourself!

Once a month we will be hosting a donation based class.

All proceeds will be donated to the Brock Community Food Bank at the end of the year.

These classes will be a gentle based class open to all levels (no yoga experience required)

and anyone looking to do something great for the Community and themselves.

We will announce on the 1st of each month what day, time + instructor will be guiding the session that month.

We ask for a minimum $5 to attend. Payment can be made upon arrival at the studio for class.

Registration is required. Please be sure to cancel your spot if you can not attend so that spaces are available for others.

We have lots of extra mats and props in the studio available for use at no extra charge.

Next offering: Thursday, December 7th, 5:30pm

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