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Workshops, Series, Special Events & More

Breathe + Be Well

We have some great workshops and series lined-up that are open for registration!

We will always continue to add more.  If there is something you would like to see, let us know and we will do our best to fulfill your request

***Workshops, Series, Special Events and Retreats are not part of the monthly memberships and/or passes - if you hold one of our active monthly auto-renew memberships, you will receive 10% off these services***


Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle

with Naty Howard

Friday April 26th ~ 7:00pm to 9:00pm 

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

Shamanic Healing Circles Accompany You On Your Journey To Wholeness,  Enabling You To Reclaim Yourself, So You Will Once Again Know Who You Are.

They will support you to move beyond the portal of what is keeping you stuck so you can claim a deeper connection within.

Through a Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle you will:

Activate your healing and vitality
Experience a sense of grounding and feeling held
Gain access to answers you didn't have before
Develop strength for healthier boundaries
Awaken the sacred in you
Align with your personal alchemy


Shamanic Healing Circles are a Yoga Spirit Medicine practice.

They are a 2hr workshop that include: flow practice, breath work, meditation, kriya, toning, mantra, ritual, shamanic journey and a group energy healing, anchored into the sacred space of our lodge by the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Shamanic Altar.


DryLand Flow

Indoor SUP Yoga 

with Carly Smith

5-Week Series (4 Spots left)

May 7th to June 4th

Tuesday's 6pm to 7pm

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

Join us in this fun and invigorating 5-week series as we begin to prepare for the warmer weather when we can take this practice to the lake, with the sky  above and water below. (Please note our outdoor SUP classes are held off a private dock in Sunderland, and at the Beaverton Beaches. We hope to start by mid-June, weather dependent) Even if you don't plan to join us outdoors this Summer, this is still a great class to build balance, strength, and focus.


Integrative Health Classes 

with The Lifestyle Nurse, Shannon Krukowski MN, RN, CCHNC-C

Classes are held once a month

Open for Registration:

April 12th (Balance the Heart)

May 10th (Mindful Eating)

June 7th (TBA)

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

Included with Monthly Auto-Renew Memberships

(membership must be active at time of session)

$25 plus HST each sessions for non-members


A transformative process that uses up to date evidence based therapies to treat the
whole person – not just individual symptoms.
Each session will include a grounding meditation, Stress Management Techniques,
Root Cause Exploration and Symptom Management Strategies.


Align + Design

The Chakra Workshop

with Taylor Vanderzwet

Sunday, May 5th ~ 1pm to 3pm

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

 Align & Design has been intentionally created in order to provide knowledge and empowerment to guests while they learn about the bodies main energy centers also known as Chakras.
This workshop offers a fresh perspective on how to take control and understand why you may also feel blocked in certain aspects of your life.

ALIGN: We will spend a portion of the workshop exploring & learning about the chakras then shift into a visualization meditation where Taylor will guide us on a journey through our own energy centers.

DESIGN: Each guest will receive a handmade soy candle - of their scent choice (chosen after registration) ** see below
Crystals & dried florals that align with the 7 specific chakra energies will be provided & with instruction all participants will use a heat gun to reheat their candle to melt the wax and seal in the crystals & florals of their choice. Designing a personal and intentional self care candle to take home.

EXTRAS: Light snacks and herbal teas will be provided. There is a washroom at the studio available for use.
Please bring a bottle of water if you would like & feel free to arrive at the workshop in comfortable clothing being prepared to sit for a portion of the event.

- Lemon x Lavender
- Wild Mint x Eucalyptus
- Lemongrass
- Geranium Garden
- Cedarwood, Clove & Orange

Cave - 3.PNG

 Restorative Yoga + Meditation

with Carly Smith

Classes are held once a month

current sessions open for registration:

May 26th  ~ 9:30am to 10:30am

Holistic Salt Therapy + Cave, Uxbridge

Not only will you receive all the wonderful benefits of restorative yoga + meditation, you will also receive the most amazing physical and mental benefits of the Holistic Salt Therapy and Cave.

Salt Caves have many healing properties and energies. The negative ions that are present in the room help to naturally draw out toxins and bacteria’s from our body. It can help to alleviate many different ailments such as reducing inflammation, clearing our airways and helping to eliminate bacteria in our sinuses and lungs. It can also help to lower stress, regulate our nervous system and so much more. I’ve said it plenty before, but I’ll continue to say it again and again, as it is definitely one of my favourites - it gives you break from the external world and all the stimuli that comes along with it.

Registration is per class. Space is LIMITED.

Reiki Training.JPG

Reiki Level 1 Training

with Catherine Lavender, Reiki Master + Teacher

June 1 & 2 from 1:00PM to 5:00PM

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio

Are you interested in the healing powers of Reiki?  In this training you will be taught the basics where you will learn how to help yourself, your loved ones, plants and animals in the healing process with the ancient Japanese healing art of Reiki.  Level 1 Reiki is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about energy work, how it works, and the benefits.  


You will receive a course manual and certificate upon completion.

In the Reiki Level 1 course, we will cover:

What Reiki is and its history
The uses and benefits of Reiki
The Reiki Principles
You will receive Reiki/chakra balancing with “Peace & Renewal”
Introduction to the Chakras
Receive an attunement
Hand positions for treatments of yourself and others

Practical exercises of giving and receiving Reiki
The ethics of Reiki
A grounding meditation
And more……

Child Pose

Beginner Yoga 

with Carly Smith

4- Week Series

New Dates Coming Soon

Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding Wellness Studio


If you're new to yoga or a current yogi who wants to sharpen your skills, this series is for YOU!

In this 4-week series we will move at a slower pace to break down asanas (poses), fundamentals, provide modifications and provide you with breathing exercises and the importance of movement with pranayama (breath).

We will also discuss the roots of yoga and traditions.

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