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What's SUP?!

SUP is an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding. There is controversy as to when and where this fascinating sport first originated. It is said that it could date back many years. Over the last recent years the curiosity of paddleboarding has started to explode with outdoor enthusiasts alike.

A paddleboard is much like a surfboard but instead you use a paddle to propel you through the water. Many people take to this sport whether it be for leisure, fishing, racing, river rapids, fitness and/or Yoga. Regardless of what form you choose, paddleboarding is sure to give you an overall workout while improving your focus and leaving you feeling exhilarated.

In most places paddleboards are considered water vessels due to their large size of them. Always be sure to check the water laws in your province/state before heading out. There are also many other things to consider such as safety, what board and equipment to choose for your adventure, what to wear, how to properly launch a board and stand, holding the paddle, turning and stroke techniques, how to keep your balance and how to successfully get back on your board if you take a splash.

If you are unsure where to start, there are many certified instructors out there that can offer basic to advanced lessons. As a certified instructor with the World Paddle Association (WPA), I encourage you to send me a message to book your private individual or group lesson.


In SUP Yoga we use the paddleboard in place of our mat and practice on a body water with the beautiful sky above us and the water below.


Generally, these classes take place on flat water in lakes or oceans. Although sometimes Mother Nature likes to throw us a little challenge by adding some extra movement and testing our focus.

Each studio operates a little differently in terms of placement of the boards. At Strong Roots Yoga and Paddle Boarding we paddle out just a little off-shore and use 3-pound anchors to keep us in one general area. Paddles are then placed on the board and out of the way.

We offer a variation of classes including beginners, moderate and advanced. Each class has something unique to offer in the overall advancement of your yoga practice.

Our beginner class is great for anyone new to SUP and/or Yoga. There are very few to no standing postures. Most poses are done from seated and kneeling. This class is aimed towards anyone looking to try this for a first time or anyone just simply looking to relax and unwind while enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. These classes leave you feeling calm and connected. Check out our Serenity Flow and/or Sunset Yoga classes.

Our moderate class is geared for anyone looking to take on a challenge and gain more focus. These classes include both seated and standing postures and will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Check out our SUP Yoga Energy Flow.

The advanced class is a fast-paced yoga practice with mostly standing postures, arm balances and/or inversions. If you’re looking for a new perspective, this class is for you. You will leave this class feeling strong and empowered. Currently only offered through private bookings.

Regardless of what class you choose, we begin each session on land with a basic lesson on safety and paddling. Modifications are also offered through each class to aim to keep these classes suitable for everyone. To ensure the class meets your needs, be sure to check the class description and recommended level before reserving your board.

Whether you’re paddling or taking a SUP Yoga class, being out and connecting with nature will provide you with a sense of serenity and renewal.


We encourage you to get out there and have fun. We all fall off from time to time. It’s part of the enjoyment. More so, it’s a great life lesson on falling down and getting back up stronger and more determined than before.

See you on the water!!

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