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It's a Celebration...

AND I have so many of you to thank!

I'm reaching a milestone that is very very dear to my heart, and one that makes me super proud.

On Tuesday February 9th I'll be teaching my 1000th class!!! say WHAT?!?!

You see, 10 years ago if you had asked me where I'd be in 10 years, this would NOT be my answer. In fact, I distinctly remember the feeling when I was in teacher training (which I only intended to take at the time for self-help purposes through a very hard time in my life) But yes, that gut wrenching, flip flopping, I'm going to be sick and/or faint feeling. I remember my words that I repeated to myself and others over and over "I didn't have it in me", "I would never be able to stand up in front of people to talk. let alone teach a yoga class"....It was a time of one self-negative comment after another, on repeat.

My first class I taught, which was a teach back to my fellow trainees, I went into hyperventilation. I remember the shaking with fear, the pit in my stomach, and my complete loss of words and the obvious non-yogic breathing I was doing. The teacher had to pause all of us, with me standing at the front, to give me a time-out to collect myself. I was mortified, I was a nervous wreck, and I had no idea what the heck I had got myself into. The thing is, this fear actually started at a very young age and carried with me through a lot of my life, missing many opportunities because of it. New blog coming soon on Living in Fear and Playing Small.

In the meantime, to say this has been one wild journey, would be an understatement. It's been a journey with a lot of mountains climbed, hurdles jumped (some landing on my feet and some on my face), comfort zones crossed, failures and wins, tears of sadness and tears of joy, heartbeats of anger and heartbeats of happiness. It's been a deep raw look inwards, times of vulnerability, growing pains, transformation, moments of letting go and moments of welcoming in. 10 years ago when I stepped on that mat, I had no idea I was just embarking on a journey of a new way of living. A journey of listening and bringing awareness to my inner world, learning how to navigate years of emotional wounds, and learning how to let go of the things that no longer served me. Yoga has literally changed me, the way I live, and the way I view my inner and outer world. It's so much more than poses, it's a way of life and how we interact with ourselves and the universe we are part of. It's a journey I'm excited to continue and embrace wherever it takes me, the good, the bad, the ugly and the light. There is a lesson in each of them.

Whether you attended an in-person class, SUP Yoga, retreat, virtual class, private lesson, cheered me on, provided your guidance and expertise, taught and mentored me, provided a space to teach classes, held my hand or gave me a shoulder to lean on, YOU helped me reach this milestone and I'm so very thankful.

Although I would love nothing more to be able to do this in-person and provide a big celebration, goodie-bags and all. ( know I would lol) Virtual is where we are and I'm not letting it stop this celebration. It's a celebration of gratitude, reaching milestones, transformation, love + support, and a celebration of YOU. I have some plans up my sleeve and your attendance is requested. You can expect this class to be a gentle yoga flow so that all levels are comfortable. You will have the option to stick around after for a mini-celebration with some fun interactive activities, chat and party "favour". YOU deserve to be celebrated and that's exactly what we will do!

Let's Celebrate RSVP!

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