Yoga in the Cave

Breathe + Be Well

We are BACK!!

We are honored to continue our partnership with the Holistic Salt Therapy & Cave in Uxbridge, Ontario to bring you the unique experience and healing effects of halotherapy and yoga all in one.

Salt Caves have many healing properties and energies. The negative ions that are present in the room help to naturally draw out toxins and bacteria’s from our body. It can help to alleviate many different ailments such as reducing inflammation, clearing our airways and helping to eliminate bacteria in our sinuses and lungs. It can also help to lower stress, regulate our nervous system and so much more. Plus my favourite, it gives you break from the external world and all the stimuli that comes along with it. All of this mixed with some yoga and you will be floating on cloud 9!

Join us for a session in the cave and get both these amazing experiences and all of the wonderful benefits of yoga and halotherapy.

We offer a variety of regular scheduled classes and workshop. Link below to Book Now and reserve your spot. 

We also offer customized private individual/group lessons. Contact us for details.

Space is limited. We recommend you reserve early!